Negative Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is common in our society, but we often disregard the negative effects of alcohol. Taken in small doses, certain alcoholic beverages like wine and beer may have healthy and positive results to the body. More often than not, discretion is not used and substance abuse becomes the outcome. This article attempts to summarize some of the most common and avoidable effects of too much drinking.

Serious diseases are often attributed to alcoholism. The most obvious target is the liver, which is the internal organ that has the most exposure to alcohol. Liver diseases like cirrhosis is a common result of excessive alcohol intake. Symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and pain are common with an inflamed liver. Certain cases require liver transplants, or even result to death.

The brain cells are also highly affected by too much drinking. This is also one of the more serious negative effects of alcohol because it may impair judgment and induce memory loss. Alcohol also prevents brain cells from replicating, and kills existing ones. Even the short term effects to the brain such as loss of concentration may prove to be fatal, especially when drunk driving. Another common disease related to alcoholic consumption is heart disease. A fatty heart may eventually lead to high blood pressure and potentially a stroke.

Certain studies also show that alcohol may lead to some cancer types. This includes stomach, mouth and throat related cancers. Most of the time, fatality is the end result especially for untreated cancers.


Negative Effects of Alcohol

Negative Effects of Alcohol

Pregnancy and Fertility Problems
Alcohol has an adverse effect even to the innocent unborn child. Drinking alcohol while in the state of pregnancy could lead to complications in birth as well as physical or mental defects to the child. One such defect would be the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Alcoholism has also been tied to infertility for men and women. Unfortunately, having children and raising a family is no longer an option for a lot of people who have spent years drinking. To make matters worse, erectile dysfunction in men is also a common by-product of drinking. This alone could be a good reason to avoid the negative effects of alcohol.

Professional and Personal Problems
Uncontrolled drinking may lead to serious personal and legal problems. Aggression and being accident prone are usually heightened when drunk, which may very well lead to crimes, vehicular accidents, or physical injuries. Domestic violence is also closely related to alcoholism issues, and is often given as an “excuse” by husbands beating their wives or children. These incidents could bring you to jail, or could cost you a fortune in damages.

Alcoholism also affects productivity at work. The more you drink, the higher the tendency of being absent or sick will be. This will result in missed promotion opportunities, smaller pay, or even being fired from the job!

Other Health Issues
The immunity system is weakened by drinking too much alcohol. One of the negative effects of alcohol is making the drinker more prone to sickness and infections. Too much alcohol may lead to alcohol poisoning, which is fatal. Alcohol is also a known depressant, which means that the drinker will end up having mood swings or may even be suicidal.

Alcoholism is an addiction that is caused by too much drinking. It starts as a habit and ends up as a need. Once dependent, the alcoholic continues on a downward spiral and destroys every relationship on its path. Recovering from this situation takes a lot of will, and often requires an expert. Withdrawal symptoms are not easy to deal with, and may even be deadly if not properly cared for. A lot of times, the alcoholic goes back to old habits just to be able to avoid the pain and misery of withdrawal.

Too much drinking also causes sleep disorders. Sleep patterns become unpredictable, and often lead to loss of sleep. Nightmares are also common. Sleep is necessary in order for a person to function properly, and lack thereof would lead loss of focus and irritability.

Drinking is often associated with fun and entertainment, but should be kept at a moderate rate to keep the adverse effects at bay. It is not worth risking the negative effects of alcohol, and definitely not worth your life.

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